Saturday, 16 April 2016

2. Conscious turning away from God

Calvin argues that through “insolent and habitual sinning” human beings forget God. In our contemporary world are people are of either sin or God? The world is conscious of many things that go wrong in the lives of individuals and of nations but how do people deal with such things? Through anger, a desire for revenge or quiet resignation?.  Calvin draws out another possibility that human beings shut God up as “idle in heaven”.  Do you know someone who believes in God but thinks that He is impotent and unable to have any impact on the needs and problems of our world?

Calvin believes that David explains this best: “the fear of God is not before the eyes of the ungodly” in Psalm 36:1.  Even so God cannot deny Himself as St. Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2:13 and so people will come to a place of judgment.  According to Calvin the problem is people have no fear of this moment of judgment.  Who do you know who has no fear of the living God?  Have they reached that place consciously? Or has the idea been planted in them by someone else?